Angry Birds Connect Free

Angry Birds Connect Free

First things first: If you’re a fan of Angry Birds, don’t get excited about Angry Birds Connect. This game has virtually nothing to do with the original Angry Birds, and we feel pretty certain that the creators of Angry Birds Connect simply ripped off the characters from Angry Birds and inserted them into what is otherwise a fairly generic puzzle game.

Angry Birds Connect reminds us a little bit of that old Windows tile puzzle, Taipei. The tiles aren’t stacked as they are in Taipei, but are simply arranged in a hexagon-shaped grid; each has the face of an Angry Bird character on it. The extent of the instructions for Angry Birds Connect was “Clear the board by clicking on two adjacent tiles to remove them.” This worked fine when two matching tiles were next to one another, but then what? Matching tiles placed diagonally didn’t work, and in the end we never did figure out exactly what the secret was. It was clear that tiles could be matched if they weren’t hemmed in by other tiles — perimeter tiles typically worked. But the game seemed inconsistent in what it would allow. For a while we thought that tiles could only be matched if two of their sides were exposed, but sometimes we could match tiles with only one exposed side. We played a couple levels of the game and found it to be moderately enjoyable, but overall we were annoyed with its blatant attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Angry Birds and its mediocre game play.

Angry Birds installs a desktop icon without asking and leaves a folder and desktop icon behind upon removal.

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