Angry Birds Matching Free


Angry Birds Matching Free

Lovers of Angry Birds might be excited to find Angry Birds Matching, a spin-off puzzle game. However, we can’t say this program is much to get excited about. It’s an extremely basic — and not particularly interesting — puzzle game that is only related to Angry Birds inasmuch as it’s ripped off the game’s characters. If you like Angry Birds, stick to the original, and if you like puzzle games, there are innumerable options out there that are both more fun and more challenging.

The format of Angry Birds Matching will be familiar to anyone who’s played online puzzle games before. Tiles featuring Angry Bird characters are arranged in a grid, and users must switch the positions of the tiles to line up three matching tiles in a row and clear them from the board. You must advance to the next level before the time runs out, but the game’s scoring didn’t make a whole lot of sense; we were sometimes able to advance to the next level in a single move, but we had no idea why. The game has no instructions, no pause button, and no way to turn its music off; features are not one of its strengths. As a puzzle, we didn’t find Angry Birds Matching to be particularly fun or challenging, and there’s not much about it that we can recommend.

Angry Birds Matching installs a desktop icon without asking and leaves a folder and a desktop icon behind upon removal.

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