Superbike Racers Free


Superbike Racers Free

Does it sometimes seem like grass grows faster than your day goes by? That watching paint dry actually sounds kind of interesting? Do you need a little excitement in your life before someone sprays you with weed killer? Is that what’s bothering you, bunkie?

We can’t help you put more excitement in your life; would your desktop do? We recommend downloading and playing Superbike Racers, a free 3D motorcycle-racing game from GameHitZone. Simply put, it offers the sort of realistic race sims you’d have paid through the tailpipe for not so long ago. It’s similar to other free driving games (including others offered by the developer) but nicely rendered and responsive, too. It offers both full-screen and window display mode (which earned championship points with us right then and there) and three modes: Competition, Singletrack, and Time Attack. You unlock access to features and venues by winning races (which means coming in third at least) which isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can perform wheelies and stoppies, and drifting earns you extra points. Crashing changes the difficulty level. If you should run off the track into the grass (it can happen to the best riders) pressing R returns you to the track. You start off on a sweet little 500cc but get to change mounts as you earn points. The game’s play is smooth, but the program itself has some glitches; for instance, we couldn’t minimize the view or move the cursor outside of the game’s perimeter in the window view, though we could see (and monitor) our desktop. The embedded Web page coughed up once or twice; nothing serious, though.

Never mind all that stuff: Superbike Racers is fast and fun. Like the best driving games, it’s easy to learn but difficult to master, and it rewards practice. That won’t be a problem for most players, though your boss might disagree if you’re racing while you should be doing the things that sent you to Superbike Racer’s 3D track in the first place. If you could just reduce your lap time a bit more!

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