Aobo Filter for Mac Standard Free

Aobo Filter for Mac Standard Free

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is a Web Filter, Application Filter and web monitoring software for Mac OS X. Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is a parental web monitoring and blocking tool specially designed for Mac OS X users. Simple but powerful blocking features ensure that all the Mac users being protected from of the internet threats. It also provides website recording function, which enables you to block potentially dangerous websites handily. Block websites from loading browser Blocking happens before the loading of the websites and the result will shows you a blank page or gives you a hint of server problem instead of telling you that the webpage has been blocked. The user will not notice that a filter is working on the Mac by this feature. Block Any Games or Applications With Aobo Filter for Mac, you can easily block certain Games or Applications from running by adding them to App Filter Blacklist. This application filtering feature helps you to filter inappropriate games and applications and protect the Mac users. Record Website visits from any browser Aobo Filter for Mac will catch any website visited even if the Private Browsing is enabled. This website recording feature is in favor of checking improper web sites and then adding the website addresses to blacklist to make filtering work more convenient. Apply the filter to any users on your Mac easily You don’t need to install it to every account on your Mac to put it to effect to all the Mac users. With a simple click, you can easily apply the Aobo Filter for Mac to only current user or all the users. And it guarantees the automatic running and filtering when users login to the Mac. Filtering Features of Aobo Filter for Mac OS X: Internet filter for Mac module blocks specific websites in Black list Allow only specific websites in White list Block unwanted applications, games from running Monitoring Features of Aobo Filter for Mac OS X: Record websites visited in Safari/Firefox/Chrome even in Private Browsing mode Automatically run when the Mac starts Stealth Mode: Undetectable running in the background Filtering for multiple users on the Mac Password protected Customizable shortcut key

What’s new in this version: Improved filtering engine

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