LastPass for Safari for Mac Free


LastPass for Safari for Mac Free

LastPass is the last password you will ever need. It allows you to:

  • Create strong passwords, knowing you only have to remember one. Automatically fill out forms to save you time
  • Log into your favorite sites with a single click
  • Access and manage your data from multiple computers seamlessly
  • Share logins with friends and let others share logins with you
  • Use One Time Passwords, and a Screen Keyboard to help keep you safe while on the road. Supports IE and Firefox as well, so if you switch browsers you’re always in sync, as well as when you switch computers
  • Supports Opera, Google Chrome, iPhone, Opera Mini, via Bookmarklets
  • Supports importing passwords from other password managers such as 1Password, Roboform, Keepass, PasswordSafe, MyPasswordSafe, Sxipper, TurboPasswords, PassPack, Firefox, Safari and IE’s built in password manager
  • Exporting your data always available in plugin and the website, even back to IE or Firefox. In windows, helps you recover lost passwords stored on your computer
  • Capture passwords that other password managers will not capture like those done in AJAX logins, and multi-step logins like Bank Of America, and frustrating sites like ING bank using the ‘Save All Entered Data’ feature.
  • Make moving to a new computer or using multiple computers much easier.


What’s new in this version:

  • New: Attachment support in secure notes. Can attach important Word documents, PDFs, images, etc. As always, encryption occurs locally.
  • New: Unified vault combines functionality of offline and online vaults.
  • New: Free Credit Monitoring for all U.S. customers.
  • Improved: IE upgrade process is now silent, setting added to disable this in advanced.
  • New: Sites that have ‘favorite’ checked will appear higher in autofill list. This will help you contro…

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