MacAnalysis X for Mac Free



MacAnalysis X for Mac Free

“Hack or be hacked”. MacAnalysis analyzes your Unix, NT, or Mac computers, identifies misconfigurations and vulnerabilities like any experienced hacker would, and offers advice on how to efficiently fix these problems and protect your server from potential exploits. Recognizes thousands of mail, web, and ftp daemons and supports multiple operating systems. Built-in internet hooks automatically update its database to keep its exploits up-to-date. As of today, MacAnalysis contains more than 1600 recorded holes (the oldest discovered in 1992).

MacAnalysis has also a plethora of network tools:

  • IP Mapping Tools: Find the location relative to an IP (up to city precision) and see it drawed on a 3D detailed map, with zooming effects, and find the nearest webcam available.
  • Status Bar: Monitor graphically your CPU and network load
  • Steganography: Hide and crypt messages in any image file for maximum stealth Network Optimizer: Optimize and speedup your Internet connection through kernel tuning
  • AntiVirus: MacAnalysis searches for viruses on your computer. If a virus is found, the infected file will be quarantined to prevent it from affecting other files on your computer or spreading to other users on the network.
  • System Cleaner:: A Cookie manager, a log manager and a crash manager have been added
  • RC4 Messenger: Chat securely (128bits) with anyone in the world through a user savvy interface
  • Anonymous mailer: Send traceback-free emails with Macanalysis’ integrated smtpd. Emails can be ciphered with the blowfish algorithm.
  • Visual Traceroute: it traces the path took by packets between 2 hosts by drawing lines on a world map.
  • Firewall: MacAnalysis runs a TCP/IP stacks monitoring’s system, allowing an optimal recognition of the attack intented to you. For example, MacAnalysis can detect if one person makes a traceroute towards you, sends fragmented packets in order to trick your system’s security, performs DoS attacks, exploits trojan virus via a backdoor..MacAnalysis supports SNORT rules.
  • Content Watcher: It watchs outgoing data and prevents unauthorized export of private info.
  • Nmap frontend: It uses raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services they are offering, what operating system (and OS version) they are running, what type of packet filters/firewalls are in use, and dozens of other characteristics
  • Ping: It calculs the response to echo request packets sent to a known address
  • Name Scan: It performs a Name Lookup on a range of IP addresses
  • TCP Bouncer: Bounce any connections from your computer
  • Finger: It finds user informations on a remote host
  • Port Scan: It finds active services on a remote host
  • Reverse IP: It transforms a host to ip address and ip to host
  • Services Scan: It finds active services on a range of IP addresses
  • DNS Lookup: It performs NS, SOA, CNAME, MX, IN A requests
  • Whois: It finds domain informations
  • DUP Broadcast Scan: It detects Smurf amplifier
  • Security Browser: It allows to configure exploits with an integrated browser
  • Brute Force: It supports POP3/SMTP protocols. Pre-configured world-list
  • Build-in Search Engines: It allows you to earch something on computer breachs archives / Unix Files

    What’s new in this version:

    • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther
    • Fixed a memory leak that caused many stability issues
    • Numerous additional features have been brought to MacAnalysis
    • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements
    • Added latest exploits, vulnerabilities.


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