PeerGuardian for Mac Free


PeerGuardian for Mac Free

Based on PeerGuardian for the PC, PeerGuardian for OS X is an installer that installs ipfwFast (A modified version of OS X’s built in ipfw that loads ips very fast into ipfw) and adds a root cron script to keep your list of ips updated every 12 hours.

PeerGuardian for OS X uses a converted version of the Anti-P2P list from , and protects users from the unwanted entry of organizations of malicious intent such as BayTSP, the MPAA, and the RIAA. This is recommended for ALL users of any P2P programs (Including BitTorrent, Acquisition, Limewire, etc.)


What’s new in this version:

  • Bug Fix: Missing lists in global status app and/or the main GUI app.
  • Bug Fix: possibility of allow lists to being ignored in the kernel ï¬?lter (de- pendent on load order).
  • Other minor bug ï¬?xes.

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