Readiris Pro for Mac Free

 Readiris Pro for Mac Free

Eliminate time-consuming manual retyping with Readiris Pro 9 Mac, the award-winning and latest OCR software from I.R.I.S. Readiris Pro 9 Mac converts paper documents, PDFs (even read-only), and image files into fully editable text on your computer at up to 1,600 characters per second. That’s five times faster than any OCR available on the market. The process is simple: Simply scan your document, recognize it with Readiris Pro 9 Mac, and send it automatically to your favorite application. It’s 200 times faster than retyping your document manually.

Readiris Pro 9 Mac keeps the original format of your document and reproduces it in Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, or Internet Explorer. From complex layouts to simple text, Readiris Pro 9 Mac is the best combination of speed and accuracy available today. Readiris Pro 9 Mac also comes with extended PDF conversion that will enable you to archive and share all your documents as well as to easily retrieve, search, and re-use information.

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