AC3Filter 2.6.0b

AC3Filter is a DirectShow decoder needed to play DVDs and AVI files rendered with AC3 soundtracks. It controls gains, stream info, levels, the mixer and other settings, also making possible Multichannel and S/PDIF technology. DTS files and raw ones can’t be open without this filter. Actually, you won’t be able to play any AC3 or DTS file without this filter, no matter whether the track is ripped from AC3/ Audio CDs, DTS/ Audio CDs or PES DVDs. After a simple installation, all AC3 files you may have will be assigned to this filter. All DirectShow players use this decoder, so you won’t be asked to install another one.

On the other hand, chances are that Media Player Classic will need special care after the installation of the AC3 decoder. A check at Internal filters (View > Options) solves the problem fast.AC3Filter features and benefits:

  • Decoding of AC3/DTS/MPEG1/2 Audio Layer I/II formats
  • Support of DVD, AVI/AC3, AVI/DTS, WAV/AC3 and WAV/DTS
  • Audio processing for any source
  • Decomposition of any source to 6 channels
  • Full information about audio track format
  • Support of SPDIF passthrough mode
  • Multi-channel audio output from all sources on SPDIF (on-the-fly AC3 encoding)
  • Per-channel amplification for all input/output channels
  • Per-channel delays (for compensation of distance difference to speakers)
  • Automatic gain control
  • Clipping
  • Dynamic Range Compression, DRC
  • Level indication for input and output channels
  • Matrix mixer and ability of direct modification of mixing matrix
  • Dolby Surround / Pro Logic / Pro Logic II downmix

Technical details

Latest version:2.6.0bFile name:ac3filter_2_6_0b.exeMD5 checksum:5EBA0624B0764CC80B787298544026C4File size:3.99 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Alexander Vigovsky

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