AdGuard 7.5.3380.0

The internet is an excellent place to communicate and obtain information. However, the ads on most sites these days have reached an incredible level. Pop-ups are just one of the main issues. Not only is it annoying, but it actually slows down your computer and your browser. Furthermore, some of these can be dangerous and allow code to get in that shouldn’t be there.

AdGuard Web Filter is a tool that helps you get the most out of your web surfing. It blocks those ads and therefore speeds up your experience while making it more enjoyable. It can block all kinds of ads, not just text. It also blocks video and more.

Browser Compatibility

When reviewing this, we were impressed because it could be implemented on so many browser types. It seemed like the popular browsers all had some kind of support. This is not always the case with software when it sometimes only works with a handful of browsers.

Graphic Interface is Intuitive

You don’t have to be a web expert to use this app. The interface is actually quite straightforward. You shouldn’t find much hassle at all, getting it up and running. You just go into the icon and click it to get it started. From there, you can easily enable and disable a variety of settings. It will increase your protection in just seconds.


You can control which sites you want to block ads from. This is also a way to decide which sites to allow them on. You can report sites that don’t listen. You can block out sites that would otherwise cause issues.

Customize Security Settings

You can check your webpages and see if anything seems strange. There might be objects or dangerous requests. You can run tests and eliminate these from your life forever.

If there are blocked requests, you can get notifications about them. Your settings panel will choose the utility and blacklists that you need. It will pull from Google to make sure the right information is being determined.

Parental Control

These days, it is more important than ever to protect your children from the internet. There are many adult websites out there and dangerous content. You can put controls on the browsing experience. This allows you to determine what they see and when. That way, you can feel confident as you let them browse their sites in peace.


The ad-blocking tool is out of the way in the toolbar. It doesn’t take up much space on the screen either. This is like having the best of both worlds. You can use the ad-blocking features without it taking over your experience.


When looking at the whole suite of features that AdGuard has, it is clear that it’s a powerful app. AdGuard Web Filter can help you prevent ads from ruining your internet browsing experience and slowing your computer down.

And thankfully, it is all easy to set up. These combinations of features leave us with the decision that it would be a good choice for most PC users.

Technical details

Latest version:7.5.3380.0File name:adguard.exeMD5 checksum:B435FDE8F70A3A36059EE4A2D1860A79File size:24.79 MBLicense:TrialSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:AdGuard

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