Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker Free


Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker Free

There are plenty of basic utilities out there that let you set your mouse to click repeatedly on a certain link. Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker is something else entirely. This comprehensive program lets you auto click on certain fixed points, images, and color blocks, and it has plenty of options for configuring its behavior. It’s by far one of the better programs of this type that we’ve seen.

The program’s interface consists of a single screen that’s cluttered with drop-down menus and radio buttons, but it doesn’t take too long to get acquainted with it. The first step in using Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker is choosing the click point. This can be a specified point on the screen, any point you move the cursor to, a specific color block, or a specific bitmap image. We had to spend some time getting this last feature to work; the process was pretty straightforward once we figured it out, but the fact that Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker has no documentation left us guessing. In addition to letting you set the click point, Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker also has controls for the button used to click, the click interval, start options, and hot keys. Overall, we were quite impressed with Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker. We wish it had a Help file, but that’s really our only complaint about this powerful and flexible program.

Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker has a 10-day free trial period. It installs and uninstalls without issues.

Editors’ note: This is a review of the full version of Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker 3.5 . The trial version is limited to 10 days.

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