If you want to bring the functionality and also the fun of Android to your device, then AMIDuOS is the desired tool for you. It is a revolutionary concept which brings depth and even functionality and joy to your desired Android experience. It will run with easy on any tablet, and you will see that your device will work faster and without any problem.

Switching between Windows and also Android environments will be straightforward. You won`t need to dual boot this one out, and you will see that it will do its work without any problem. It will have some exciting features for you to make use of and all of the features will bring you closer to the desired Android experience that you would like.

You will take advantage of both of these popular systems, and you will see that it will offer you a lot of benefits which you will certainly like. This one will look great and sharp, and it will also run fast. It will perform without any limitations, and the user can easily have fun with it. This is because this one is 100% native Android which will smoothly run on your Windows hardware. You will see that this tool will be running all of the desired Android applications without any problem.

AMIDuOS will come with the Amazon Appstore from which you can get all of the needed apps you will enjoy a lot. You can also add your favorite Android app markets, and you will be happy because you can download all of the tools you will be needing. This one can also run all of the desired ARM applications without any issue.

The user can also enjoy the 3D acceleration, and you will see that this means that your gaming experience will be improved. It will take advantage of Windows OpenGL drivers, and you will enjoy the peak performance that this one has. It will help you to save power and extend your battery life to the fullest without any problem, and you will like it.

Every desired device will be supported by using this one out, and this means that the user can efficiently use audio, microphone and also the high-definition cameras. AMIDuOS can also make use of other features such as the Ambient light, Gyrometer, Compass, Accelerometer and even Orientation.

Technical details

Latest version: name:duos-x86- checksum:890A9F65B72D0AC74BA5141B5EF652FCFile size:223.09 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:American Megatrends

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