Android Studio 3.6.1

Android Studio is a complete software specially made for Android developers who need to create applications, debug, test and emulated directly on the computer. We know how important is this mobile operating system and how many applications are in the store. It’s pretty simple for developers to publish their apps there. Android Studio is a great tool which helps them to work efficient and straightforward.

This software has an integrated Development Editor produced by Google especially for their Android OS. If you are a programmer, this is an ideal tool for you. You can code and attach the design after that emulated and see where are problems.

Android Studio is coming with Gradle engine which can create an application with the capacity to utilize less memory from your device. It can calculate and estimate how much memory is needed to work flawlessly and compress the rest of the memory. It’s a significant technical advantage for Android Developers because they can create already optimized applications thanks to this fantastic engine.

There are a lot of tools which can help you to develop an Android application, but we consider it an “intelligent code editor” because you can write better code, work faster and is a predictable code editor which save a lot of time for you. Built on IntelliJ, Android Studio can predict the code completion and can analyze the phrase to ask you if it’s something wrong.

You can quickly write the code, attach the asset changes to your application running on a gadget or emulator, and see the progressions in a flash become animated.

The emulator is the best. Run your applications quicker than with a physical gadget and test your application on virtually any Android configuration. You can test on all Android devices like Android Mobile Phone, Android TV, Android Wear or Android Tablets, and if it’s a new Android gadget and we don’t know yet, indeed it will be added on the Studio.

The Emulator is quicker than any time in recent memory and enables you to progressively resize the emulator and access a suite of sensor controls. It can simulate perfectly the reality, and you will have a perfect experience to see how your application is working on a particular device.

Of course like all Google tools, Android Studio is coming with more features. Firstly you have to know that Google Cloud Platform is supported and integrated with Android Studio, this is an essential feature because you will be able to combine services from Google like Cloud Messaging, for example.

Also, you can find a lot of services which are useful for your developing process. You can modify the interface quickly, for a programmer, it’s too essential how the interface is looking.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new Android developer or an advanced one, you can start to utilize Android Studio, the interface is pretty simple and code editor it’s perfect.

Technical details

Latest version:3.6.1File name:android-studio-ide-192.6241897-windows.exeMD5 checksum:C654643F3BCFBC305CA61151ED407DDAFile size:749.55 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Google

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