AntiMicro 2.23

The AntiMicro software aims at bringing greater user conveniences to game users. A factor that a good part of the gaming community would feel strongly would be the physical layout of the keys and buttons on the gaming pad. People with disabilities would be put to great difficulty to master some of the keys due to the very location of the keys.

What programs like Antimicro do is to offer the gamer greater flexibility when it comes to the layout of the keyboard or control console. For those with grave disabilities; it is possible to provide the full functionality of the games by configuring the relevant buttons to suit the needs of the individual.

It is not as though the disabled person did not have much of a choice when it came to using the keyboard or the game control console. There was always the more onerous task of configuring the registry to bring on the changes from the standard operational situations. However, this sort of approach does involve specific technical know-how and often cannot be used by the pure gaming enthusiast.

So in effect, the AntiMicro tool does introduce conveniences often are not possible otherwise. The relevant keys can be mapped to other control stations or devices through a simple set of steps as compared to the more complicated registry configuration mostly.

The most notable aspect of the AntiMicro software is that it is one of the lightweight download files possible. Thus there are little chances of it getting corrupted even with a poor internet connection. This feature does make the software program one of the easiest to download and use too. Hence the operator can be assured of the working system no matter how complicated it might seem.

Despite the kind of complications that the games and gaming customizations bring to the actual situation, the use of the Antimicro file is instead a straightforward application of the software patch. There is minimal intervention, and the simple follow through steps ensure that the changes are done just right on each occasion.

When the working environments are kept to the lowest level of operations, then updates and further file refinements are more of a breeze to carry through. There is on offer a simple interface that is easy to make sense of.

Technical details

Latest version:2.23File name:antimicro-2.23-win32.msiMD5 checksum:85CBC0BD6D5206B885E4A78510FDBCFDFile size:31.07 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:AntiMicro Team

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