AS SSD Benchmark 2.0.6821.41776

This application allows you to analyze the performance of your SSD drive by performing some specific tests. It does not require the involvement of cache in measuring the performance.

You can expect AS SSD Benchmark to create 1 Gbyte reading/writing file to access the time taken for the performance of this function. Moreover, 4K blocks chosen by the user can also be used for testing the performance. 1 or 64 threads are used in these tests for accessing the time required for the completion of the task and consequently the overall performance of your system.

The behavior of your drive can be analyzed by copying different files to the drive. AS SSD Benchmark manages big files, a mixture of small and big files along with several small size files. Synthetic tests are conducted to analyze the read/write performance of your drive. Cache is not used in these tests to check the activeness of your drive.

The third test conducted in this regard is the compressibility test where the file size of 1GB is used for test purpose. Based on the results of all these tests, you can know about your SSD drive better.

AS SSD Benchmark is an SSD drives analyzer, which evaluates their health by performing various tests.

Technical details

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