Some people like making particular forms of art and they are looking for different programs to embrace their love of art. That is why you may find Aseprite useful because it is made especially for people who want to make art in a pixel form.

It is a well-known editor and also a pixel art tool which helps the users in creating some exciting ways of art by using the pixel technology. It is a very affordable tool, and it is easy to start using it out.

All of the color pallets that this tool offers can be a bit confusing when you start taking advantage of it, but as you start using it more, you understand how this tool works.

By using Aseprite, it may be possible to be confused by the shading features, but you get used pretty fast if you start using it frequently in making your art. If you are a game developer, then this tool is a great way to start building your game idea to life.

It was created primarily to be customized the way you want, and as you use it, you can see that this tool has a lot of game-specific elements which you may find useful.

Aseprite is oriented towards theĀ game developers, but everyone wants to make an exciting form of art can use this tool for example to create a profile image.

Technical details

Latest version: name:Aseprite-v1.2.16.2-trial-Portable.zipMD5 checksum:2787EE96790B72E3F77D2F55E07678C2File size:5.45 MBLicense:TrialSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:David Capello

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