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AV Video Morpher is a perfect for dubbing home movies and commercial movies.With this one-stop video tool, you can play and morph audio – video streams in real-time,add effects to movies, convert video files to AVI and WMV, edit subtitles, capture images, record DVD audio, burn VCD, design DVD/CD covers, and most amazing, dub movies.
AV Video Morpher with worth 49.95$, but now you can get a license copy for free.

Key Features

– Produce Your Own Movies by dubbing your own voices into movies, adding effects, and then burning it all to a DVD, and you’ve easily created your own movie DVDs.
– Remove Voice from Movies. You can remove the original voices from any movie or clip, and dub in your own voices late
– Make any Actor Become an Alien, Ghost, Priest, etc. Add audio effects to change the voice of any actor. Now you have more unique actors in all your own movies.
– Make Cartoons, Movies, TV shows, etc. Capture any frame, clip, or entire movie your want, and then add in voices and effects to enhance and enlarge your collection. It’s a great tool for enriching your collection of videos and clips.
– Make a Documentary Movie. You can produce professional quality, black and white video for that perfect documentary effect. Your historic presentations will be more lively and compelling.
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Get Free Copy

The giveaway program on AV Video Morpher is an exclusive offer by Audio4fun.com for our Facebook fans. To download AV Video Morpher 3.0 and get your free license for activation, let’s visit here. You will need to have an account on Facebook to get yours one and wait for the day to get the product: March 10, 2012

Recommended Software

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