Avast Clear 20.5.5410

When uninstalling Avast Antivirus problems can always appear, but you can use Avast Clear for a perfect PC cleaning to get rid of all software remains. Removing the traces left by a lot of application after uninstallation can affect your computer performances, and you can’t avoid it manually, but no problem, because thanks to Avast Clear, your computer can stay clean and work properly.

This software is produced and designed primarily to eliminate all the traces after your security solutions were uninstalled and you need to have a clean computer to install another antivirus or to keep it fresh. Avast Clear is this kind of software, a specialized tool to modify and fix the problems when you need help.

Because the security applications like Avast are modifying the registry, frequently the antivirus tools are going “deep” in your computer, and they are hard to remove, the Avast! The team developed a solution like Avast Clear which is going and remove all the traces left behind. It can make your life easier and help you to have a better day with only a few clicks. Indeed, you are bored in trying to uninstall this kind of applications, and you need a solution which can do the job for you, but now, Avast Clear is your perfect tool.

This program is produced to provide a completely removing action without errors and additional problems. You must be able to remove for example Avast! Home, Professional or other versions like Avast! 32, PDA Edition, and many more. Thanks to this additional tool you will be able to remove Avast! Internet Security, Pro or Free edition from version 5 up to latest.

Being an additional tool, Avast Clear is coming with a simple kit, and it’s effortless to install and to utilize. You can use it whenever you need to remove some Avast products in few seconds without headaches. Let Avast Clear do your job, follow the steps and remove what application you need immediately.

Technical details

Latest version:20.5.5410File name:avastclear.exeMD5 checksum:9D3B43BDBE269DD6A916AF526A4A5B1BFile size:10.39 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:AVAST Software

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