Betternet 5.6.1

Betternet is a VPN tool which work in a different way to protect your privacy and security, better than any other free VPN solutions on the market. To use this application, you don`t have to register, and you don`t need to input your name or your email address. This tool offers the users robust privacy and security so they can feel safe when they browse the internet. They make use of the 256-bit encryption, and it offers more protocol options.

If you are concerned about the government surveillance, then you should know that this tool is based in Canada, one of the countries that do a great deal of intelligence-gathering. The servers of this VPN are all over the world, but their central server is under Canadian jurisdiction, this isn`t an issue, but some people don`t like working with companies in the Five Eyes countries.

If you want to make your browsing more secure and you can`t afford the cheapest premium VPNs than you should consider using this tool.

Betternet doesn`t collect, log, or store any of your data, and you can use it freely.

The OpenVPN Encryption is one of the safest encryptions available out there, and this tool uses this encryption. When it can`t use the OpenVPN Encryption, this tool makes use of the IPSec one which isn`t too bad when it comes to security.

Technical details

Latest version:5.6.1File name:BetternetForWindows.exeMD5 checksum:A2F3AC4787E263180D2B72C9FB308ED3File size:10.54 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Betternet LLC

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