Bootice allows you to edit your computer’s MBR and PBR settings of your drives, which you will achieve through various built-in tools, such as partition manager, UEFI editor, BCD configurator, and others.

With this utility, you can easily modify and configure your MBR (Master Boot Record) and the PBR (Partition Boot Record). You can also back and restore MBR and PBR, as well as local or removable drives. This is important if you’re looking to make alterations to your internal or external drives and change the MBR or PBR settings.

Manage Your Drives

With this application, you’ll have the option to manage your physical and virtual drives. With the tab-based interface, this application is more suited towards more advanced users, but it’s also perfectly fine for beginners, as it’s not too complicated.

It allows you to change your drives and alternate your MBR or PBR sections to another type of drive. The app also supports a variety of different boot records, such as Grub4DOS, UltraISO, Plop Boot Manager, and several others.

At the same time, the application allows you to backup and restore your boot record, which you can do easily by choosing your boot record type and then creating a BIN file that you can use for the backup solution later on.

Manage Image Files and Partitions

In addition to managing your physical drives, this application will allow you to make changes to your virtual drives, too. This includes drives such as IMG, IMA, or VHD. Here, you can also process MBR and PBR sectors and edit the BCD of the system.

Then, there’s the partition manager. You can here view the partitions of your disks, manage these partitions, create new ones easily, and change their ID. Also, you’ll be able to remove the drive letter and format the partition easily.


Bootice is a crucial app if you want to make changes to your physical and virtual drives. You can make any changes to the drives, including changes like alterations to MBR and PBR settings, and manage your partitions.

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