Breakaway Audio Enhancer 1.40.03

Breakaway Audio Enhancer is a tool to help you in improving the audio of your computer and give you a professional experience similar to that of the professional studios. From the sounds of your browsers to the clicks of your mouse, you can enhance the quality of each of the sound that is emitted from your computer. This application works best with the music that you play on your computer, so if you are a music lover, then your PC can become your best sound creator.

You won’t even need to manage the equalizer. This software controls the sounds from various sources to be controlled in a way that you’ll love every sound from your computer. Changing volumes for different songs and different functions would no longer be necessary if you would be using Bthis application.

The usage of Breakaway Audio Enhancer is straightforward. It contains a Setup Wizard, which provides the detailed steps of how to set up the entire program and use it in different situations. Therefore, if you haven’t use any such programs earlier, you can still use it and gain efficient results.

Apart from value control and improvement in the quality of sound, one of the other aspects that you can handle through Breakaway audio enhancer is the tone of your music. Breakaway Audio Enhancer provides you an option of various configurations that allows all your music to set in a particular sound. Some of the configuration options that are provided to the users include Reference Classical and Easy Listening. Reference movie is another pre-set that adjusts the dialogues of a film in a way that the special effects would not create problems, but you’ll be able to hear all the conversations in the best tone.

Through the installation of Breakaway Audio Enhancer, you can maintain a balance between the speakers and your media player, making it possible for you to enjoy every bit of sound emitted.

Technical details

Latest version:1.40.03File name:breakaway_setup_1.40.03.exeMD5 checksum:F618AF7EDBD7461C887B494A31F8AEBBFile size:4.6 MBLicense:DemoSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Claesson Edwards Audio

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