BullGuard Internet Security Review

BullGuard Internet Security 2019 gets 10/10 points from us. That takes the product to the first place for the Internet Security test of 2018 and it earns the TopReviews Gold award.


  • User friendly, clear and fast
  • Good antivirus solution
  • Simple to install and use

BullGuard Internet Security 2019

The installation procedure of BullGuard Internet Security runs quite smoothly. Once the software is installed you are asked immediately to create an account.

Once BullGuard Internet Security has been installed it immediately retrieves the newest virus definitions. Then it automatically runs a system analysis. This might take a while, the system analysis is meant to optimise the system, it removes unnecessary files and clears up memory.

The main menu corresponds with that of the previous year. The menu is organised clear and orderly, it comes with different modules. This makes it possible to start different components directly and it is not needed to open different dialogue screens before you can run a virus scan, for example. This makes the menu very user friendly, clear and fast.

The complete virus scan is very well put together. BullGuard internet security scores high in searching for viruses, spyware and other malware on the system. In addition, the software looks at the behaviour of applications on the computer. This way it detects the new threats which are not yet known in the list with virus definitions.

Extra functions

In comparison to the security package of last year it comes with extra interesting gadgetry to protect your computer. The program warns when applications try to foul up your browser with an undesired toolbar, different start page or search engine.

In addition, the antivirus package monitors the system resources well. This prevents that the computer might be overtaxed during a virus scan.

The vulnerability scanner monitors your PC accurately. BullGuard checks with this scanner whether your computer contains vulnerable software which is sensitive to threats.

Also the spam filter, link scanner and the parental supervision function have been added by the antivirus supplier to this versatile security software package.


You are well off with this internet security package! Your computer is protected, from general threats on the internet like viruses, spyware and other malware. In addition, it includes much gadgetry to make/keep the use of your computer as pleasant as possible. It is a very sound and stable virus scanner. It does what it needs to do and even more.

Tech Specs

Operating System:

  • Windows® 10
  • Windows® 8, 8.1
  • Windows® 7
  • Mac® OS X 10.11 or later

Hardware requirements:

  • Approximately 850 MB free space on the hard drive
  • 1 GB of available RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB of available RAM (64-bit)




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