Bullguard Premium Protection Review 2019 (60% OFF)

Antivirus is the basic necessity for all the systems running around the globe these days, as an unprotected system is prone to malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks, the system, if left unprotected, is also prone to online frauds and other such issues.

Bullguard is trusted security software that is working in the market from a long time period of more than a decade, Bullguard premium protection is the best version of the software that Bullguard has to offer to the users. It is the premium protection version that brought the award of Gold Malware Protection for the Bullguard antivirus.

The premium protection version is the best out of all the three versions of security software offered by Bullguard and this is because the premium protection Version has got the maximum number of attractive features that further makes it the most user-friendly.

The features offered by BullGuard in the set up of its Premium Protection are as follows –

• Home network scanner – This particular feature of the software keeps the whole network properly scanned, that means it covers the scanning of each and every device that is in the vicinity of the software. This feature provides the user with an alert every time when it detects a connection with some insecure network.

• Identity protection – This particular feature makes it easy for the users to keep the data stored in the systems and devices safe from any sort of unwanted leakages. As soon as the software will find out that any of the registered private detail of the user has been made public the user will be immediately notified about the same.

• Game Booster – This particular feature keeps the gaming experience of the user protected, as it keeps away all the annoying pop-ups away while the user is busy gaming on his or her device, it also keeps away all the online threats that actually make their way into the devices and systems through games.

• NextGEN anti-malware – This particular feature provides the user with advanced triple layered protection, it makes it easy for the software to recognize trusted sites as well as applications also it keeps the scanning going on continuously, as soon as it detects the malware it starts working towards its removal from the system and devices.

• Improved firewall – The firewall of Bullguard premium protection provides heavy layers of protection against all the malware, spyware and other harmful elements, it is designed in a way that it uses less CPU power as compared to other Bullguard antivirus versions. The premium protection firewall also includes application filtering.

• Vulnerability scanner – This feature keeps you notified about all the security updates that you may miss otherwise due to your busy schedule this feature also notifies you about any insecure wi-fi network if that is around.

If we go in deep and compare Bullguard antivirus with Bullguard premium protection we get on a conclusion that the premium protection provides the users with total security however the antivirus version fails to detect ransomware threats.

Then if we compare Bullguard internet security with Bullguard premium protection we get on a conclusion that the internet security version lacks the password manager which is present in the premium protection version.

This analysis gets us on a conclusion that the Bullguard premium protection is the best of all when it comes to protecting the systems and devices from all types of malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks. This is the most expensive of all the versions but at the end, it’s about the security not being compromised in any case.




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