CCProxy 8.0 Build 20180914

Sharing a single internet connection is possible with all the devices that you have in possession. CCProxy can create a proxy server that can runnable the devices connected with this network to have an internet connection.

The internet connection available can be of any type, i.e., broadband, DSL, satellite, dial-up, etc. and this application can provide you with the required connectivity for browsing. Moreover, ccproxy can enable the devices with different operating systems to be connected to the available internet connection too.

The devices looking for a shared connection have to enter the codes for FTP services and HTTP, which can be accessed from the central computer and the device will be ready to use the internet connection. Using, ccproxy you can even limit the number of users who can connect to the available proxy server.

You can even restrict specific content to be accessed by the users and can even put a restraint on the data limit available for individual users so that you can use the available bandwidth optimally. Time restraints can also be imposed in this regard so that the connected users can get the best possible bandwidth through the single internet connection available.

CCProxy is ready to be used at home or offices. Neither there are any restrictions nor there any capacity issues so that you can manage the sharing of the internet with the other devices quite efficiently.

CCProxy is an application for sharing of internet connection through the establishment of a proxy network, which can allow you to connect multiple devices with it.

Technical details

Latest version:8.0 Build 20180914File name:ccproxysetup.exeMD5 checksum:16728116244BAB4558D49B9C50B03ECCFile size:5.11 MBLicense:DemoSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Youngzsoft

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