Clean Space 7.45

Cleaning up space from your computer has become pretty difficult when you know that there are many files that you don’t need anymore. Using Clean Space can help you in erasing the unnecessary data from your computer quickly.

All the applications that you use on the computer have a lot of caches cookies and other useless files that are permanently stored on your computer without your knowledge. All these files are taking up the space of your computer, resulting in lower efficiency and productivity of your system. Sometimes the reason for the crash of your computer is these files. Additionally, the privacy of your system is also compromised because of these data files. To delete all these unnecessary files, Clean Space is the solution.

Using Clean Space, recovery of any lost file is possible, so if during the cleaning process, you have deleted something wrong, you can easily access it back. However, the application uses security algorithms that take care of your essential files and ensures that the files that are useless are deleted without your permission.

In case you encounter issues with the application, you can expect fast support from the representatives easily.

Clean Space can help you in cleaning all the irreverent data from your computer without impacting the files that are important.

Technical details

Latest version:7.45File name:clnspc_7_45.exeMD5 checksum:2E8911A7253AEE44C11F7673D2D97FF7File size:14.23 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:CyRobo

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