CPUEater is an application to provide you with an insight about the performance of CPU. With this application, you can apply the benchmark tests onto your computer and the response time shown by your CPU helps in the detection of its performance.

Process Lasso technology has been used in CPUEater to detect the performance. The responsiveness of the overall system makes it possible for the application to find the suitability of your CPU for specific tasks.

The application can work as a portable tool, thus storing it on the USB drive for usage is possible. Additionally, it is simple to use as all the settings are integrated into a single panel. CPUEater does not provide the details for using the application and its settings, so you’ll have to learn the usage primarily on your own.

A bar at the top of the application highlights the performance of your system by measuring its responsiveness. You can initiate or stop the process at any time. Moreover, setting up the total number of threads and specifying the run time are some of the features provided by this app.

It works through the initiation of threads in the background, which consumes higher CPU and as a result, the measurement of the performance is possible.

CPUEater is a performance evaluator of CPU. It helps in the creation of threads, which consumes up the CPU and the response time of the processing unit helps in the detection of the performance.

Technical details

Latest version: name:CPUEaterDist32.zipMD5 checksum:B346CCE0BFE2394E8A0543BAD08B33D3File size:4.31 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Bitsum LLC

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