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If you need to identify the dead pixels of your screen, then you must use DeadPix. It is one of the simple applications that you can install to identify the dead pixels of your screen. The installation process is simple as well, which can be easily managed by a novice. Moreover, launching the program and getting the results also do not require any expertise.

This application allows you to use the customized colors for the identification of the dead pixels. Red, green and blue are the primary options available, but if you need the other colors to be the part of this process, you can either select those colors or specify the custom value for choosing the color.

Additionally, the time between the flash of colors can be adjusted by using this app. The controls for using this feature are not complicated. You need to press “-“ for reducing the time interval, whereas the use of  “+” is to increase the time interval for flashing.

Narrowing down the location of Stuck Pixel and repairing it is also possible through DeadPix. You can even define the area of the screen manually. Continuing the flashing process for minutes can help you in improving the performance of the screen. However, success in the process of repairing pixels is not guaranteed. It might work, but the attempt might fail as well.

DeadPix is a tool to identify the dead pixels of your screen and repair them for performance optimization.

Technical details

Latest version:1.2File name:DP_setup.exeMD5 checksum:9226AA0C97A4CC711818FB8E0C32838DFile size:5.32 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:CodeDead

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