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Debloater is a useful software for Windows which can access the filesystem of an Android device with ease and allows the user to modify or stop services. If you are looking to block or to stop some third party application directly from the system, this is the ideal software for you. Also, it can read everything you must to know about your Android devices like scripts, codes, text files, or other messy batch files.

Operating with backend services could be not a simple process for all the people, but thanks to Debloater, you will be able to disable applications from your connected Android phone or tablet without a specialized tool, this an intuitive action, so, you will learn how to do that.

This software is thought to permit all the people who are interested in modifying their daily phone activity, and it’s a simple way to close, to enable or to disable apps which are running in the “background”, services which are consuming your device’s performance and device’s battery. Only a few clicks you need to deactivate some applications, follow the steps, it’s complicated.

Accessing the device system is pretty simple, connect it to PC in USB Debugging mode, the connection must establish instantly to allows Debloater to scan all the file from the system. After Android packages are examined, the application will determine what services can be modified.

Debloater will inform you about these services, it’s not only a simple application, but you will also learn more things about a specific function, just put the mouse over it, and a guide will appear. When it comes about the interface, we don’t have more to say. It’s a simple software with intuitive buttons, simple columns, colored indicators and more.

The functionality is simple after it was installed connect the device in USB debugging mode, assure it’s enabled on your phone. The files will be detected after few seconds of scanning, just wait until the end of the process. After the files are scanned, you will have a warning message to remind you to be careful with what you disable or block. If your device doesn’t support to block or to disable a specific service, another message will appear on the screen. Be careful, read all the messages, stop only the application which is permitted. Some services can’t be blocked, and if you are blocking them the Android OS will not run anymore.

Let’s think you have chosen a package to disable, the first thing you have to do is to read the information about it. Press the button upper left and initiate the process of disabling or blocking it. As you make modifications to the device backend application, the listing indication will turn red, so, you will be informed that changes have been made.

Be aware that your device could no longer work if you are disabling vital services.

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