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Looking for a reference point for making a good drawing, but aren’t finding any?  Design Doll is a tool that can act as a digital reference point for the designers and the art lovers. It is probably one of the best tools for the people who want to enhance their level of skills and currently are at an early stage.

This application allows you to learn about human form, which experts manage through manikins. You can rotate your digital doll in any direction you want to help you feel the real shape. You can move any joint of the doll by using the right clicks, and the rest will be done by the application quite easily.

However, the movement of the entire digital doll is dependent on the human form of movement, so some of your initial clicks might not move the doll exactly as you want, but you can experiment a little to get used to it.

Using Design Doll, you can even move specific segments of your doll too. The specific diagram on the right part of the screen is specially designed for this purpose. Although, the depiction of the picture is not clear you can still use it to get your work done quite easily.

Design Doll provides a 3D pose tool for the artists, which can be managed according to their needs.

Technical details

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