Dolby Access

To get the sound quality of the Dolby Atmos, you should opt for this application. It can provide exceptional sound quality, which will be generated based on the latest technology. You can use Dolby Access with the simple settings you currently have in your system, but you need to change your headphone settings into spatial sound.

It is a trial version of Dolby Atmos, which is equipped with various videos to enhance its features and high sound quality. However, one of these videos’ problems is that they run in the full windows mode, and you cannot close until the end.

Immersive, realistic, and extremely high-quality sounds have been highlighted in these videos to provide an overview of the real Dolby Atmos. Similarly, the gaming experience associated with this application is enhanced to another level. The minor sounds of the game detected through it can make the users indulge in the game.

Overall, Dolby Access provides you with high quality and immersive sound, enhancing the movie watching and gaming experience.

Technical details

Latest version: name:DolbyAccess.appxMD5 checksum:EB9E45B3E2E61105DFF921FC60ECDC4DFile size:15.42 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10Author:Dolby Laboratories

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