EasyBCD is a powerful modification or bootloader tool which will enable you to run different multiple operating systems on the same computer and as well as reset the BCD configuration and even repair and recreate some boot files. It will let you create a multiboot environment in order to run multiple operating systems on the same computer.

EasyBCD will feature BCD utilities that will provide the users to reset the BCD configuration with ease or to recreate and repair boot files if they need to do so. The layout is easily understandable and it will be well organized because each function will get its own section.

You can quickly change the position and the names, and you will see that the process to do so will be done in a short amount of time. The configuration settings will be done with ease and this tool will be a good choice for you when it comes to tweaking your current boot entries. It will be possible to change the Safe Mode type and you will also be able to use only a certain number of CPUs.

Thanks to EasyBCD, it will be possible to disable the timeout entirely and set it to wait for user input. Adding new boot entries will also be a nice feature which you may find in handy. These boot entries can easily be added from any external devices. It will also be possible to re-create or repair boot fillers and also change the boot drive. The Useful Utilities section will display several options.

EasyBCD is an overall powerful modification tool which can come in handy for a user who decides to use it out. This tool will let the user take full control over the computer’s boot menu and also customize some boot options. It will be an excellent tool to be used to repair Windows installations and even backup the bootloader.

Technical details

Latest version: name:EasyBCD2.4.exeMD5 checksum:2E06476EBE1137F543EE7176D34716E7File size:2.18 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:NeoSmart Technologies

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