FileBot 4.8.5

FileBot is an application that lets you organize the files downloaded from various locations. You can download the subtitles for your movies, create SFV files and organize the data in an efficient manner. The stylish but simple interface of this utility allows you to use the it easily.

Default configuration settings are available to help the users in getting started. The left part of the interface can provide you with a list of tabs that depict the various features that this application offers.

The renaming feature provided by the application is simple to use as well. You need to drag the file in the original file section. It will match the content of the file with the online library and help you in renaming the files automatically.

Similarly, downloading the subtitles is not difficult anymore. You need to drag the file in the required section and click download. The application will ensure to look for all the online resources to provide you with the required subtitles.

FileBot can help you in finding and managing the video files and the online streaming content in an easy and fast manner. Similarly, fetching content and bulk renaming is also possible through this application.

Technical details

Latest version:4.8.5File name:FileBot_4.8.5_x86.msiMD5 checksum:E9A74597EE0F1C9F20D0EF31EA68113BFile size:71.79 MBLicense:SharewareSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Point Planck

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