FixMy10 2.1.3

FixMy10 has been designed to provide you with an easy solutions for most of the problems the users can encounter on Windows 10. It can handle issues related to  file associations for example. The additional extensions added to the files can be automatically removed to ensure that you get the files in the same version in which you have saved them.

Moreover, restoring the registry files and maintaining the original versions of the settings that have been changed by the viruses or other types of malware is also possible because of FixMy10. You can even adjust the parameters of the Windows, which can cause errors and restrict the proper functioning of the Windows.

The application is easy to use. The interface consists of three different tabs. These tabs include a different set of settings and are named as File Associations Fixer, Restriction Fixer, and Advanced. In the Advanced Setting, the problems like the Desktop issues and the Explorer issues are addressed. Precisely, missing of the recycle bin, changes in the desktop icons, and resetting of the folder settings are addressed.

Additionally, the internet connection setting and the system settings ate also manageable through FixMy10. In other words, FixMy10 handles all the parameters that are by default the part of Windows but are scrambled up due to a bug. The novices can easily use this application for fixing all the heads of the problems discussed.

FixMy10 provides easy to fix solutions for the file association problems and the File Explorer functions of your Windows 10.

Technical details

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