Fraps 3.5.99 Build 15623

Fraps is one of the path-breaking applications for the comfort that it provides the user. The strong point of the software is that it can be put to use on any of the Windows versions. This would score over the conventional practice of doing away with support to the older editions of the Windows operating system. With the current trend to have customized variants to the Windows systems as has been followed by the huge corporations around the world, Fraps is all set to cash in on the goodwill that it has brought itself in the market.

Most of the current users of Fraps are the gamers who make use of it to perform the screen captures at critical junctures of the games. However, it should be noted that the capture feature can be used even without a game being run on the system. Most of the comparable capture software needs additional programs to perform the editing and the fine-tuning of the captured images. This has been dispensed with on Fraps, and it is possible to work on the image directly in the application.

One of the key operational features of the Fraps app is that it can be operated with the least bit of manual intervention. Things like a single screenshot capture key, video capture in real time, etc. only add to the convenience of operation that the software provides the user. The very construction of the software application is such that it enables the easy and smooth loading each time it is called up.

The Fraps software is to be noted for the very simplicity of design. There are no huge supporting files to download, and the suite is more or less self-supporting in any configuration considered. The small sized files would make it fast to download and with the least bit of download times. This is a novelty at a time when developers and coders tend to use the ever-increasing size of the program files to bring in the functionality of use.

With the right sort of approach, it is possible to build further on the excellent reputation that the app has gained in the market.

There are bound to be still more innovations that are sure to keep the user community interested in the use of the software for the everyday needs of clipping and creating screenshots. The excellent start must be capitalized to bring in better products as well as solutions that cut to the very heart of issues.

Technical details

Latest version:3.5.99 Build 15623File name:Fraps.exeMD5 checksum:EF667A56A249E7A27A42DB31F1418691File size:2.38 MBLicense:DemoSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Beepa Pty Ltd

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