GameSave Manager 3.1.467.0

GameSave Manager is an important tool for professional and amateur gamers, it’s pretty easy to use, and it doesn’t use a lot of computer performance. This software can backup and restores saved game on your computer for more than 500 computer games. It can make automatic backups, but GameSave Manager supports manual backup for the games which isn’t on the list yet. If your game isn’t supported, no problem, you can add it in few seconds by pointing the program the exact location for game save files.

GameSave Manager works with Steam cache and Steam Cloud. It’s an essential feature because today, Steam is probably the biggest gaming platform in the world, and a lot of people are buying and playing the game directly from Steam. Integrating with this platform, GameSave Manager can bring you the files saved on the cloud directly to your computer. When you don’t have an internet connection, you can play specify game without accessing files from the cloud server. Also, this tool can integrate with Windows Schedules Task for setting up a routing backup for gaming saves.

Do you remember the times when you played games, and after you’ve finished some levels, an error appears on the screen, and you work in vain? GameSave Manager is the best solution to forget these times and play your favorite games without problems and without thinking anytime the game can break and you will lose your entire work.

The interface of this tool is a simple one with intuitive buttons and options. In the right side, you will find two sections, Home, and Useful Information. In-Home contains all essential options, from there you can control and set up your tool. Steam Spreader is probably an important feature of GameSave Manager, from this section you will be able to connect your steam account with it. Just press there and follow the instruction step by step, it’s a complicated action to do. On the top bar, you have essential mini buttons like, File, Edit, Task Options or Help!

Technical details

Latest version:3.1.467.0File name:gs_mngr_v3.1.467.0.zipMD5 checksum:DD083A34E904819B3371B2D1F249E8B2File size:7.93 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:InsaneMatt

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