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Google Earth is a unique software that makes it possible for you to have the view of the entire planet without even traveling. You can analyze the terrains, 3D buildings, and mas of a particular location through this excellent tool.

One of the essential features of this app is that it allows you to analyze the global changes that have occurred over a decade. By using this feature of the application, you can find the outlook of your locality a few decades back or even a few centuries back.

Additionally, if you want to explore the depths of the ocean and the causes of significant shipwrecks, then you can use Google Earth, which provides you with 3D models and detailed imagery of the sea.

You can even tour the entire world through the “touring” feature provided by the application where you can explore the essential destinations in each country and walk around the local streets. You can even personalize this tour with narration or soundtrack to be played in the background.

By recording your exploration, you can also share it with your friends. Google Earth provides the users with an extraordinary ability to visit explore and investigate various elements of the galaxy and the Earth.

Users can even personalize their journeys conducted through this tool and can share them with their social circle.

Technical details

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