H2testw 1.4

H2testw is a well-known application which can detect and check the flash drives memory in assuring that the capacity is correct. Probably you already know that are a lot of problems with flash based media which is available in much larger sizes and this software can run into few hours to optimize it and run on big drives.

The most important feature of H2testw is that can scan the drives for fake capacity. It’s able to work and write over 1GB records to the free space and after that read them back, the thought being if the perused information isn’t the same as what was composed, there are possible problems.

Let’s think you are looking to buy a new storage device and you must to know all the information and capacity of it, how you can do it? It’s simple, H2testw is the best solution for you. It will test the storage device, will detect the potential errors and will help you to find a perfect storage unit.

This software doesn’t require installation and comes with a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. Default language is German, but you can change to English easy on the UI.

You can add it wherever you need to test a storage device, even if you are looking to analyze an HHD external drive, your HHD drive or a USB Flash Stick, copy the files and run the executable. Immediately the information will be on your screen, the errors are shown, and you can fix if it’s possible.

An essential feature of this program is that it offers you to pick the information you need to check. You’ll be able to examine the entire storage device or a correct ratio of information, all with the assistance of a straightforward mouse click. Let’s think you already finished to verify the unit. You will find all the information like MBs tested, the reading or writing speed and others.

When you want to test the writing speed, H2testw will create files and copy it for the measure and analyze the speed immediately. Probably this is the best solution for you when it comes to testing the speeds; there are a lot of users satisfied with it. H2testw is a great tool which can be used by everyone without advanced its knowledge.

H2testw is solving a lot of problems when it comes about the memory. You can test bad data and remove it is not readable or corrupted.

Technical details

Latest version:1.4File name:h2testw_1.4.zipMD5 checksum:E56FBCBC6F0A2C7AE125869951C63992File size:213.02 KBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Harald Bögeholz

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