Histogram Maker

Histograms and other charts can be easily managed through this particular application that can allow you to input the data and get charts as the output.

The interface of Histogram Maker is self-explanatory, and you can easily access the input pane for entering all the relevant data. Only one window is present in this application that makes it easier to view the results while introducing them.

You can handle all the sizes of data. If the data set is small, you can enter it manually, but for big data, you can also import text files in the application as well.

Histogram Maker provides you with different colors to identify various elements and to read. Additionally, other features are also supported by the application. But all these things are available in the paid version of the application. The free version does not support these features, and you can expect a plain histogram with the use of free features.

Apart from the import of files, you can also export them after the creation of the histogram in JPG, BMP or GIF formats. Adjustment of the histogram  size is also possible by resizing the window of application. You don’t need any technical expertise for resizing the file etc.

So, Histogram Maker is easy to use but effective tool for generating colorful charts and exporting these charts to be used in other applications.

Technical details

Latest version: name:histogrammaker_setup.exeMD5 checksum:AEF9223FDF9BEB8F02F08CC811C1896EFile size:760.97 KBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Media Freeware

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