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If you have an interest in photography, then IPEVO Visualizer privedss you a relatively new array of features. It has been designed especially to ensure a new and better way for visualizing things and pictures that are viewed through this application. The overall camera experience can be taken to a new degree.

The application allows you to choose a camera to click the picture. You can easily adjust your picture according to your need. IPEVO camera can be connected to a computer through the use of this application and the wireless network. And through this PC, you can view the live image.

To provide you access to the fine details or hard lines that are difficult to read, this application provides you with the zoom feature. Even the live image can be rotated or flipped depending on how you want the image to be captured. Similarly, the mirroring effect can also be generated.

Selection of resolution and ratio that would fit your screen is possible. Similarly, the exposure and the white balance are also amongst the feature that you can adjust using IPEVO Visualizer.

Provision of filters, ad recording, creation of gridlines, focus button, live broadcast, time-lapse shooting, stop motion, magnification are few other features that you can expect to get through this utility.

Additionally, a lot of other settings are provided to the users to ensure that the best pictures for the particular purpose are guaranteed when using  IPEVO Visualizer.

Technical details

Latest version: name:Visualizer_win7_1.9.0.12.msi.zipMD5 checksum:B29B2B9A72875F0E3068EDE596EFFC07File size:176.77 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:IPEVO Inc

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