A video recording utility is modern and can provide you with some advanced features to make your recording experience one of its kinds. Through iSpy, you can expect the detection of motion, thus enabling you to get better and efficient recording results. Moreover, email notifications can also be enabled for iSpy, so that you will not miss any sort of updates regarding the recording.

You can easily connect many cameras and microphones. This utility works with both the audio and video recording. The recording through multiple cameras can be easily synchronized so that the period of recording is the same. Setting up the maximum frame rate and dedicating the microphone for specific cameras is also possible through this utility.

The motion detection feature can be adjusted to a significant degree. The trigger for maximum and minimum movement of the cameras, saturation, luminance and other color-related features can easily be changed through the settings of this app.

Another important feature is that you can use it for counting the number of detected motions, setting the edges and the alarms depending upon the situation where you need this application. The application of noise filters and focusing on the part of the screen using rectangles are amongst some of the other features supported by the application.

This application easily messages or send tweets to specific numbers or accounts. Recording, uploading and sharing the recorded files on YouTube is also amongst the prominent feature of iSpy.

iSpy is a specially designed application that supports both the audio and video version of recording by allowing multiple devices to establish the connection with this application.

Technical details

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