KeeWeb 1.15.5

KeeWeb is an application to provide you helps in remembering and storing the passwords for multiple applications you are using. It provides you a beautiful interface to manage every detail. The interface can be toggled between dark and light background to provide you with the outlook that you like. Additionally, it can also be available for offline usage.

This application also provides you with the option to associate colors with certain items. It can enhance the usability of KeeWeb and can result in time saving and enhanced efficiency for the users.

Additionally, multiple file support can be managed This feature also enables you to search for a particular entry or view something specific from the list. Te provided search bar allows you to find all the items conveniently.

Moreover, you can also open files from the Dropbox and synchronize all the changes across multiple devices. You can also categorize the existing files according to some specific tags to differentiate between folders and make a list that can enhance the overall management of your files.

Drag and drop feature enabled in the application allows you to manage your files directly, saving your time. Additionally, you can even generate the password of your files automatically by using this application. The length and the use of a particular set of alphabets, numbers or symbols can be provided to the application for the generation of customized passwords.

Creating shortcuts of the folder and accessing them through this tool is also one of its features. Maintenance of history of all the actions performed to make it easier to redo or undo any of the steps previously performed.

Tabular view, in line image viewer and auto-update, is some of the other features of KeeWeb, providing you with ultimate benefits from this application.

KeeWeb can provide the facility of generating a password, maintaining files and syncing files and folders across platforms.

Technical details

Latest version:1.15.5File name:KeeWeb-1.15.5.win.ia32.exeMD5 checksum:A86B4A9B363151A3E372C8F836F4E9C9File size:49.92 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Antelle

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