KillUpdate 1.0.92

Windows 7 and 8 have the option to turn off updates and update the OS by your choice. However, Windows 10 does not allow it. It automatically updates itself and causes the problem of draining internet bandwidth. You can control this to a certain extent by toggling the metered connection option. But the complete shutdown of frequent automatic updates is not possible. KillUpdate lets you turn on and off Windows updates on Windows 10. Using this app, you can choose when to install the updates and new releases conveniently.

Automatic updates from Microsoft are considered good to ensure that the OS is safe from all virus threats and bugs. But forced updates cause inconvenience, and not everyone wants their OS updated automatically.

If you are annoyed by frequent updates from Microsoft, use this app to prevent the operating system from updating by itself. It does have its user interface, but you can only access it from the system tray. So manually, you can enable or disable windows update on Windows 10.

KillUpdate monitors every ten seconds if Windows is updating. If that’s the case, the app disables and prevents installing partial updates. The lock setting is used for turning it on and off. When you want to update the OS, the locked option should not be marked. Once the update is over, restart the computer and recheck the Locked menu to turn it on.  It is a very simple and straightforward tool to use and manage updates on Windows 10. You can disable Windows 10 update through Group Policy editor, but this can be risky as some wrong move can crash the system, and you might need to reinstall the operating system.

So use this app to turn off Windows update safely. Overall, it is a lightweight and not complex tool that makes managing Windows update easy.

Technical details

Latest version:1.0.92File name:KillUpdate.exeMD5 checksum:A2DE04959B873578EDD5DAB8E486AAA7File size:291.51 KBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:David Le Bansais

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