Komodo Edit 11.1.1

It is an application that works an advanced IDE while providing the users with the support to the various programming language, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, etc.

You can initiate new files and work on them from scratch. Additionally, you get access to the spell checker and some pre-defined blocks of code. Various macros and Ruby tools, including plugins are some of the basic features that you can get with Komodo Edit.

Through this application, you can convert lines into comments and can change the formatting of paragraphs. Additionally, joining lines, increasing decreasing font size, and the creation of bookmarks are some of the other features for which Komodo Edit has been designed.

Moreover, saving templates, debugging files and viewing the hierarchic code enables you to perform your desired function with full concentration and convenience.

It does not require much of your CPU resources, so you can expect it to work smoothly with the other applications operating in the background too.

Komodo Edit is an IDE that provides multiple features to the users for making their work convenient and quick.

Technical details

Latest version:11.1.1File name:Komodo-Edit-11.1.1-18206.msiMD5 checksum:EAB3D21FD22D1BBD4698483DE9B95708File size:74.76 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:ActiveState

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