LEGO Digital Designer

This application allows you to create anything that you can imagine through the virtual Lego blocks. For the Lego lovers, LEGO Digital Designer can be a treat where their imagination gets a chance to take the form of reality. After designing the Legos in the virtual environment, you can buy the actual Lego bricks and give your imagination a shape.

The presence of many layouts and technical elements from the Lego Store ensures that you can design your models from scratch with the elements that would fit your imagination in the best possible way. There is an option to modify the existing structures according to your needs, or you can also choose to create the designs from scratch.

NXT intelligent bricks are also the part of the application, which encompasses the color-coded wiring so that all the details of your construction are fully understood. However, one thing to be noticed here is that the virtual bricks are only for construction; you cannot expect them to be used as an emulator with LEGO Digital Designer.

Once your design is ready, you also have the opportunity to share it with the other Logo lovers. You can even share your design on NXT.log to have the feedback and suggestions for improvement from friends and other people around the world for the improvement in design.

LEGO Digital Designer is an application for the people who like Lego and want to give their imagination a shape.

Technical details

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