Lenovo Vantage 10.2009.18.0

Lenovo Vantage provides the users with the facility of downloading the drivers, updating them, and providing the diagnose facility for identification of the problem on Lenovo laptops running on Windows 10.

You can expect to get your device scanned easily through Lenovo Vantage. Easy scanning refers to the lack of interruptions in the operations of your device during the scanning process. The regular scanning of your device makes it possible to keep all your data files, and essential programs save.

Additionally, the use of Lenovo Vantage provides you with more options of keeping your device secured because of the personalization feature provided by the application. According to this feature, recommendations and suggestions are provided to the users based on the problems that they face and the solutions that they have adopted for solving these problems.

Using this application, you can transfer your files from your old computer to a new computer directly through browsing. You do not need any Bluetooth connection or emails for backing up your files as it can be handled directly through the installation of this application.

Lenovo Vantage also makes it possible for the users to upgrade your drivers and to set up high-security bars and at the same keeping your computer safe.

Lenovo Vantage is an application providing a mixture of essential services including driver update, malware detection, scanning and problem diagnosis for your Lenovo computer, and secure file transfer through a single application.

Technical details

Latest version:10.2009.18.0File name:Discovery_4.15.58.0_ARM_x86_bundle.appxupload_Windows10_PreinstallKit.zipMD5 checksum:59559F189D66B0996773C4DD53DA0B04File size:133.25 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10Author:Lenovo

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