Mochi 1.4.16

Mochi is a great companion for students and others who want to remind themselves about key formulas and facts. It creates attractive flashcards where you can write important things you want to revise and never forget.

It is also helpful for professionals in their daily work. It is a simple markdown-based application but has some exciting features added to it.

With this app installed, you are provided with the ability to active recall as flashcards are proven to create secure neuron connections in the brain. The best thing about flashcards is that they make repetition easy and enhance memory.

It is designed to be simple and effective. It is a flashcard creator and a key note-taking tool. The nifty system in the app allows quick reviewing of the flashcards, and the markdown provides smooth and effortless editing of text. Within a few seconds, you can create efficient flashcards and store them forever.

The app allows the creation of an unlimited number of flashcards, and all different types of media files can be added to cards that are not possible in the usual sticky offered by Windows. It makes the app versatile and gives excellent value to its users.

Mochi is smart enough to recognize what flashcards recognized by the user correctly and decrease the frequency of showing up on the screen. The algorithm in the app doubles the number of days before the flashcard is shown again to the user if a flashcard is marked as known. Otherwise, the interval of the flashcard showing up is halved, so that that particular flashcard is shown frequently for ingraining the information in mind. It enhances the learning process of difficult subjects.

The clean and beautiful GUI of this application makes its usage very pleasant and attractive. There are no distracting elements that make the user lose focus on the information present in the flashcard. The simple menu is easy to access various flashcards and edit them whenever necessary. TheĀ Dark Mode optionĀ is helpful when viewing the flashcards in a poorly lit environment.Mochi features and benefits:

  • Spaced Interval Repetition for maximizing retention
  • Formatting controls and shortcuts
  • Markdown enabled
  • Create cards from notes with a single click
  • Link cards and notes to build connecting information
  • Embed attachments like audio, video, images, etc

Technical details

Latest version:1.4.16File name:Mochi Setup 1.4.16.exeMD5 checksum:1622D13825DCF01516D365F367F23C7EFile size:47.48 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Mochi Cards

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