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If you want to unlock the potential of MSI graphics than MSI Gaming App is the tool for you. Besides unlocking the potential of the CPU, it can also be used to monitor FPS and different hardware parameters. It will also enable you to watch streams while you are playing any game and it will be a fast and easy to use app which you will enjoy.

This tool comes in handy for any person that would like to enhance their computer capabilities by taking full advantage of the graphics card and also of the CPU. It has been designed with gaming in mind so if you are a gamer, this tool can be an excellent choice for you and you should make use of its full capabilities. MSI Gaming App will let you squeeze additional performance out of the CPU and also of your GPU, and this means that your computer will go faster.

All you have to do to use this one out is, and it will work well. It will also offer some other critical handy features, and it will be effortless to use this one out. MSI Gaming App is going to let you put your GPU and CPU in OC Mode which will mean that you will gain an extra performance while playing any game. You can also easily tweak your CPU if you are taking advantage of the MSI Gaming series motherboard. In OC Mode your video video-card will be a little louder because the fans will be needed to spin a bit faster to keep the temperature down.

You will also have the chance to take advantage of the Silent Mode, and this means that there will be less-demanding operations and you can quickly focus on the game. By using the Cooler Boost function, you can rapidly cool down your GPU. This tool will also offer you the chance to switch swiftly between several screen color profiles and control the graphics card`s LED lighting effects.

It will allow you to fine-tune your monitor the way you would like and this feature will be a great addition because you will be able to protect your eyes better thanks to it. You can create your very own color balance and contrast profile which best suits your needs. In conclusion, this tool is a great utility tool which will quickly enable you to get the performances you would like to get while playing any wanted game.

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