Nesox Email Marketer Personal Edition 1.95 Free

Nesox Email Marketer Personal Edition 1.95 2011

Nesox Email Marketer (Hope Mailer) is a professional personalized email marketing, publishing and tracking service provider program.Nesox Email Marketer (Hope Mailer) is in conformation with all Windows application programming industry wide standards such as multi-threads, XML, RFC, etc, and it is designed in combination with object oriented techniques. The user interface of Hope Mailer is elegant in appearance; the functions are stable and plentiful, making this system suitable for both beginning and advanced users.
At present time, Nesox Email Marketer is being widely used in domains such as domestic online marketing research, newsletter, customer relationship management (CRM), e-mail permit marketing, direct mailing service, and collaborative working etc.
By Nesox Email Marketer, it’s easy to send network news and magazines, account statements, reports, statistics, bills to your customer and real-time track the results. Hope Mailer is receiving customer appreciations from all over. Nesox Email Marketer is not licensed for sending bulk unsolicited commercial email. Be aware that you are solely responsible for the messages you send. In many cases sending unsolicited email (AKA Spam) is in violation of the law, and you will be solely accountable and liable for damages and violations.

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