NETGEAR Genie 2.4.62

NETGEAR Genie is a solution needed by the owners of a NETGEAR router to manage and configute the Wi-Fi parameters, but also to take care of other issues related to your home network performance. All NetGear routers arrive equipped with an integrated firewall, to guard your network from malicious attacks. The router also requires updating the firmware when it becomes available.

Keeping your router’s firmware up to date boosts the functioning of the device and helps to guard your network against the most recent security threats.

Router hardware installation may appear to be a tough job but is a two-step procedure. Typically, when you fill out the setup and save the info, your router or modem transmits it behind the scenes when you attempt to access the web. By applying the forwarder, you may override the DNS servers supplied by your ISP and utilize fast, higher performance servers instead.

Using NETGEAR Genie, the administrator can manage which user on the system has what specific permissions. So you can grant specific rights to each of the family members, which is very useful especially to monitor children activity.NETGEAR Genie features and benefits:

  • run speed tests for your network
  • create guest network for friends or neighbours
  • change network SSID (name) or password with ease
  • manage Live Parental Controls for kids
  • graphical map of all your network connected devices

Technical details

Latest version:2.4.62File name:NETGEARGenie-install.exeMD5 checksum:5C9E3878D9E42251776FA1996BF47DC4File size:45.02 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:NETGEAR Inc

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