NVIDIA PhysX 9.19.0218

This application is designed for gamers to give them a better and real-time look for the games that they are playing. NVIDIA PhysX allows you to create a unique experience, which is accepted in real time for the gamers. Even the physical behavior of the items in the game is made to perfection, which can enhance the overall experience of the players.

One hundred fifty different games and around 10000 developers are using this technology to create an experience worth enjoying for you. The use of physics is quite prominent in this application. This usage of scientific aspects gives the real world depiction to the games.

Whether it is the breaking of trees, or the smoke coming out of the explosion all these effects are correctly managed.

NVIDIA PhysX is an application that works on the principles of physics to provide you with the real world experience in gaming.

Technical details

Latest version:9.19.0218File name:PhysX-9.19.0218-SystemSoftware.exeMD5 checksum:5114BF28A575264366C1AD0F5FE76FD0File size:28.21 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:NVIDIA Corporation

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